Saturday, December 31, 2011

Needle Review - Addi Turbo Lace

[caption id="attachment_31" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Image from FiberWild online store"][/caption]

I bought these needles, produced by Skacel, for working on a pair of socks in magic loop.  I wanted something with a finer tip due to the small nature of the stitches on a size US 1 needle.  I opted for the 40" cable to provide adequate room for knitting two at a time toe up socks.

The cable itself is very supple and bends around with ease.  The tips on the lace needles are quite fine, but not so pointed that they poke into your fingers relentlessly lol.  The tip is more rounded than spiked which I prefer as I often place my finger tips on the tips of the needles while knitting stitches.  The rounded edge also allows the yarn to flow over the needle with ease.  The metal is smooth and allows for very fast work as the stitches move across it like a dream, but not so fast that they slip right off.  The perfect combination of smooth with some grip.  The cable join is seamless and smooth which is great especially with such a thin needle.

Overall these needles are great and I would use them again in the future for any type of project.  The only potential drawback I see is possibly the price point.  You are looking at around $13-$20 USD for these needles plus shipping if like me you have to order them online.  Fiber Wild is my favorite place to order my Addi needles.  They have fair prices and very quick shipping turn around times.  However, I feel that the quality of the needle makes it well worth the price for me at least.


  • thin tip

  • pointy but not sharp

  • needles slick with some grip

  • smooth/ seamless join

  • very flexible/ strong cable


  • price? you decide

Thursday, December 29, 2011

For the Love of KALs

KALs, KALs, KALs, can't get enough KALs!  No I am not talking about all the extra calories form holiday cookies...but those were good too :) I am talking about knit-alongs and mystery knit-alongs.  There are a blast and involve a group of knitters working on the same project at the same time.  They can be in person or over the internet.  Because I do not have access or know any local knitting groups and for ease of my schedule, I found online KALs work perfect for me!

KALs come in two forms; that I have come across so far.  Regular where you know the project and mystery where the outcome is unknown, but you have a general deal of the project type such as a shawl or mittens.  I have found Ravelry as a great source for KALs.  Within this knitting website you can find different designers and groups hosting KALs of all types from socks to shawls.  There are forum groups set up where the leader of the KAL or designer provides information, tips, tricks, and a place to talk and share during the project.  Some designers also have video tutorials for stitches and design features so you can learn something new along the way.

I fell in love with KALs over the past two months!  So much so that I am signed up for several KALs in the new year.  The clues are provided usually once a week by the designer and the average cost of the KALs has been around $5-$7, but There are some that are free as well.  After the KAL is complete the final pattern is provided so you can complete t again with a normal pattern.

KALs I am signed up for January 2012 (yes I got a little ambitious lol):

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ravelry - Love at First Stitch

When I jumped into the knitting scene in November 2011, I quickly found that all needles pointed to Ravelry!  This amazing site is the mecca of the knitting world.  It is a place where you can keep track of your stash and needles, browse, find, and purchase patterns, socialize, get reviews and sources for yarn purchases, and much more.  Within Ravelry you can do as little or as much as you want.  There are a lot of great designers, bloggers, podcasters, and yarn/ fiber artists who have forum groups you can join.  It has been a great way to explore the world of knitting!  I can easily search for a pattern that uses the type and quantity of yarn I have and at a difficulty level that I am comfortable with.  Plus the designers and other members are very helpful if you get stuck or have any questions.  This website is free to join and the only thing you pay for is patterns, however there are so many free patterns on this site it will make your head spin lol.  Well worth joining even if you just want to keep track of your stash and projects.  But, if you have been bit by the knitting bug you will be sure to get wrapped up for hours exploring the wonderful patterns and forums on Ravelry :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Christmas Fun

I had a wonderful Christmas with my husband and kiddos. I was lucky enough to get a spinning wheel and knitting goodies. I decided to start this blog to have fun sharing and exploring the world of knitting, fiber arts, and beading. I hope you have fun following along.